Thursday, April 7, 2011

The ic components UCC35705 features belows

1.Greater Than 4-MHz Operation

2.Integrated Oscillator / Voltage Feed Forward

3.>4:1 Input Voltage Range

4.25-ns Current Limit Delay

5.Programmable Maximum Duty Cycle Clamp

6.Optocoupler Interface

7.50-μA Start-Up Current

8. 4.2-mA Operating Current @ 1 MHz

9. Smallest Footprint of the 8-pin MSOP
Package Minimizes Board Area and Height

The electronic components UCC35705 and electronic component UCC35706 devices are 8-pin voltage mode primary side controllers with fast over-currentprotection. These devices are used as core high-speed building blocks in high performance isolated and non-isolated power converters.

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